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Plettenberg have made it a target to develop and produce high-end motors of low weight combined with the highest possible performance and efficiency. This target is not only for specialist products but also for the everyday modeller. Plettenberg are proud to achieve average tolerance values of +/- 1.5% in series production. The highest quality raw materials and greatest care in manufacture are at the basis of Plettenberg concepts. Part of Plettenberg’s success is consulting with customers to form an honest opinion backed up by proven facts and figures. Plettenberg do not try to over advertise the performance of their motors, but prefer to present them realistically.

In 2018 a new plant was built to give customers the best possible service and reliability. The production was optimised in order to react to customer demands more quickly and to process work and orders even faster. Only good and comfortable conditions can produce the best work. This newly available space allowed the installation of more CNC automated machines on which metal parts are machined. This allows high flexibility in the market and enables production of small runs or even single pieces.

Plettenberg Motors are made to order and have a production lead time exceeding 8 weeks.

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