Billing Boats

Model Boats by Billing Boats
Billing Boats of Denmark manufacture an outstanding range of static and radio controlled model boats.

Using Computer Aided Design & Manufacture (CAD/CAM), kits contain laser cut wooden parts for accuracy and extensive fittings sets of brass and or injection moulded plastics. This results in models of great detail that are truly pleasurable to build.

In addition to ABS hulls, Billing Boats take pride in producing lovely plank on frame models, including the soon to be released wooden version of the Andrea Gail (of the Perfect Storm). Also the gorgeous Evelyn fishing boat is a lovely build, built inverted and using its own hull frames as a self locking jig to secure the bulwarks. It is marks of quality such as these that ensure Billing Boats remain leaders in model boat manufacture.

Exciting new technologies enable entire ships to be created in 3D computer form, in order to be sectioned into parts for laser cutting, from the new USS Constitution, HMS Victory, or HMS Warrior to the fantastic Fairmont Alpine salvage tug. Finally the recently released RMS Titanic in 1/144 scale. Subjects such as these highly complex vessels were not possible just a few years ago. Rest assured, however, that whilst these ships are complex, the models are highly accurate and fit together perfectly.