Jecobin Plan, Drawing – HMS Nurton M1166 (1985)


Jecobin Plan, Drawing – HMS Nurton M1166 (1985)

Jecobin Plan, Drawing – HMS Nurton M1166 (1985). Others in class: See main description.



Jecobin Plan, Drawing – HMS Nurton M1166 (1985)

Jecobin Plan, Drawing – HMS Nurton M1166 (1985). Others in class: HMS Alcaston M1102, HMS Aldington M1171, HMS Alfriston M1103, HMS Alverton M1104, HMS Amerton M1105, HMS Appleton M1106, HMS Ashton M1198, HMS Badminton M1149, HMS Beachampton M1107, HMS Belton M1199, HMS Bevington M1108, HMS Bickington M1109, HMS Bildeston M1110, HMS Blaxton M1131, HMS Bossington M1133, HMS Boulston M1112, HMS Brereton M1112, HMS Brinton M1114, HMS Bronington M1115, HMS Burnaston M1116, HMS Buttington M1117, HMS Calton M1118, HMS Carhampton M1119, HMS Castleton M1207, HMS Caunton M1120, HMS Chawton M1209, HMS Chediston M1121, HMS Chilcompton M1122, HMS Chilton M1215, HMS Clarbeston M1123, HMS Coniston M1101, HMS Crichton M1124, HMS Crofton M1216, HMS Cuxton M1125, HMS Dalswinton M1126, HMS Darlaston M1127, HMS Derriton M1128, HMS Dilston M1168, HMS Dufton M1145, HMS Dumbleton M1212, HMS Dunkerton M1144, HMS Durweston M1201, HMS Edderton M1111, HMS Essington M1134, HMS Fenton M1135, HMS Fiskerton M1206, HMS Fittleton M1136, HMS Flockton M1137, HMS Floriston M1138, HMS Gavinton M1140, HMS Glasserton M1141, HMS Hazleton M1142, HMS Hexton M1143, HMS Hickleton M1132, HMS Highburton M1130, HMS Hodgeston M1146, HMS Houghton M1211, HMS Hubberston M1147, HMS Ilmington M1148, HMS Invermoriston M1150, HMS Iveston M1151, HMS Jackton M1152, HMS Kellington M1154, HMS Kemerton M1156, HMS Kildarton M1162, HMS Laleston M1158, HMS Lanton M1159, HMS Letterston M1160, HMS Leverton M1161, HMS Lewiston M1208, HMS Lullington M1163, HMS Maddiston M1164, HMS Maryton M1203, HMS Maxton M1165, HMS Monkton M1155, HMS Oakington M1213, HMS Oulston M1129, HMS Overton M1197, HMS Packington M1214, HMS Penston M1169, HMS Picton M1170, HMS Pollington M1173, HMS Puncheston M1174, HMS Quainton M1175, HMS Rennington M1176, HMS Repton M1167, HMS Roddington M1177, HMS Santon M1178, HMS Sefton M1179, HMS Shavington M1180, HMS Sheraton M1181, HMS Shoulton M1182, HMS Singleton M1183, HMS Soberton M1200, HMS Somerleyton M1139, HMS Stratton M1210, HMS Stubbington M1204, HMS Sullington M1184, HMS Swanston M1185, HMS Tarlton M1186, HMS Thankerton M1172, HMS Upton M1187, HMS Walkerton M1188, HMS Wasperton M1189, HMS Wennington M1190, HMS Whitton M1191, HMS Wiston M1205, HMS Wlkieston M1192, HMS Wolverton M1193, HMS Woolaston M1194, HMS Wotton M1195 & HMS Yarnton M1196.

All plans contain full hull lines, all bulkhead and superstructure form information. Some plans include waterlines and buttock lines.


  • 1:32 Scale, 6 Sheet Drawing Set – 57″ / 1448mm LOA
  • 1:48 Scale, 3 Sheet Drawing Set – 38″ / 965mm LOA
  • 1:72 Scale, 3 Sheet Drawing Set – 25″ / 643mm LOA
  • 1:96 Scale, 3 Sheet Drawing Set – 19″ / 482mm LOA

Recommended Detail Sheets:

  • X156 – 40/60 Bofors Mk 7 Gun Layout (1:48)
  • X157 – 40/60 Bofors Mk 7 Gun Details (1:48)
  • X158 – HMS Nurton Windlass & Chain Stopper (1:48)
  • X159 – Minesweeping Winch (1:48)
  • X160 – HMS Nurton Colour Details

Ordering Information:

Jecobin Plans are printed on demand and are shipped within 2 working days of order, by Royal Mail or by tracked Royal Mail Airsure for overseas orders..

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1/32, 1/48, 1/72, 1/96


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